Our team at EX Engineering have worked within the electrical industry for over 20 years with companies in both Australia and around the world.

EX Engineering supplies electrical components for Hazardous area based projects for all major oil, gas and grain companies across Australia.

Success in this industry is directly based on application knowledge and an understanding of the standards governing the selection and installation of equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas.

EX Engineering is a market leading supplier of standard and custom made explosion proof equipment.

We are a young company with a desire to grow our business and demonstrate exceptional skills in the areas of procurement, engineering, and manufacturing.

We are successful in delivering on our promise because:

  • We are disciplined in our strategic planning;
  • We continually improve processes and procedures;
  • We continually reach for the highest quality controls;
  • We build a motivated and engaged workforce who believe what we believe;
  • We value the relationships we create and respect that everyone has a role to play.