At EX Engineering we thrive on ingenuity. Our work enhances the safety of your work; often in difficult and remote environments. We set high standards so that our customers have safe workplaces without compromise to their production or service delivery.

We are practical, creative and hands on in engineering, solutions designed and driven by the client’s specific requirements. We take pride in our working relationships with our customers and our production skills to meet their specific challenges. We keep our promises, and take our commitment to fulfilling their safety needs seriously.

Our clients are drawn to us because EX Engineering stands for:

  • Fast turnaround from local supply;
  • Reliable, compliant, and tailored practical solutions;
  • Understanding of the complexity of their individual requirements;
  • Sound relationships based on mutual respect;
  • Friendly and knowledgeable service; and
  • Flexibility.

Our qualified staff within our local Belmont workshop facility can can design, customise  & supply fit for purpose services and solutions.

We are building a brand reputation that attracts customers in the Oil and Gas, FLNG and explosive dust environments that require high quality, fit for purpose, hazardous area electrical safety equipment.