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Ex Rated Sensors for gas and dust applications

EX Engineering stocks and supplies a large range of Ex Rated sensors for a variety of applications with suitable mounting plates, protective casings and installation products.

  • Capacitive Sensors – for sensing metals and non-metals. Commonly stocked in 2 wire multi voltage versions as well and three wire transistor output versions.
  • Inductive sensors – for sensing metals. Commonly stocked in 2 wire multi voltage versions as well and three wire transistor output versions.
  • Intrinsically Safe Sensors – where the face or whole body of the sensor needs to be installed in the process, we can offer intrinsically safe sensors as well as providing the supporting documentation.

We have access to a large range of sensors for different applications. We can accommodate 2 wire (AC/DC), 3 wire (DC Transistor) and 5 wire (DC Relay) as well as multiple package sizes, 16mm to 30mm and Block sensors.

With gas and dust certification in Both Intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe versions. We can also supply protective shrouds, Mounting Flanges, speed monitoring kits.

For complete conveyer control with temperature, speed, mis alignment inputs we can offer a complete conveyer monitoring system. These can integrate with the plant DCS or operate as a stand-alone system with the operations of a cloud-based reporting/monitoring software.

  • Limit Switches
  • Conveyer Monitoring Systems
  • Belt Misalignment sensors
  • High Level sensor kits
  • Low Level Sensor Kits
  • Position Sensors

IECEx Certified

Our purpose-built workshop in Perth has been certified to repair the following types of protection: Ex t, Ex d, Ex e, Ex n and Ex i. This means that all of our customised, designed, repaired and assembled Ex rated equipment is guaranteed to be compliant.

Engineering Capability

EX Engineering differ from most Hazardous area electrical suppliers in we have the capability and competency to select and review products through our engineering team. We have electrical engineers with the competency to:

  • Review and classify hazardous areas,
  • Select equipment suitable for use in a hazardous area
  • Complete the required engineering calculations to demonstrate compliance (such as MDP, IS Parameters etc…)
  • Have an in depth understanding of protection techniques.
  • Review and give opinion on equipment suitability.
  • Create and issue Conformity Assessment Documents (CAD)
  • Create bespoke EX Solutions.
  • Issue repair certification for equipment repaired in our workshop.

Hazardous area’s is all that we do, and we don’t just sell hazardous area certified products we manufacture, repair and certify them.

EX Engineering Workshop

Quality Assurance

We have a structured Quality Assurance (QA) system, that allows us to pay more attention than is required.

Depending on how critical the shipment is, we assign a QA level that determines whether the product is checked by one person, two people, or the engineering team – so the QA is always tailored to suit.

Our process involves two different check levels that ensure;

  • Overall compliance
  • The product is fit for purpose

About EX Engineering

EX Engineering is a family business specialising in the supply and design of hazardous area electrical equipment. EX Engineering is committed to supporting our customers with reliable advice, guidance and products to ensure their projects are compliant, completed on time with safety as the main priority.

Since 2013 our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff have been delivering the best solutions to meet hazardous area requirements across many industries, including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture and LNG.

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